Stefan Kirchhoff, born 1986, plays guitars, preparations, electronics, found objects, toys and all sorts of trash and composes electroacoustic music.

Active in the fields of noise, free improvisation, new music, jazz, electronica.

Bands/Ensembles:                                                                                                               Machtkrach [Noise]; Oper, Skepsis und Gleisbau [electroacoustic improv]; Handsome Couple [Beatz], Kram [Noise],Johnny & das Lumpenproletariat [polit-trash],Wasted Dixi [freejazz marching band], Nasssau (drone collective)

Stefan Kirchhoff  also writes and performs music for modern dance; currently running pieces are: “Polaroids” and “Black Rainbow” at Theater Bremen by Samir Akika (both with Jayrope and Simon Camatta)


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