ST Kirchhoff – noiseperson; soundartist


ST Kirchhoff is a person who plays with guitars, other folk-instruments, electronics and all sorts of trash. Their work is mainly influenced by noise, freejazz, punk and folk. Extended techniques and prepared instruments meet glitch-electronics and folksy melodies. ST plays in various bands, composes and performs music for theatre and also does other things. Their solo CD for the void” is available on Umland Records


ST Kirchhoff ist eine Person, die mit Gitarren, anderen Folkinstrumenten, Elektronik und allerlei Schrott spielt. STs Soloprogramm ist stark beeinflusst von Noise, Freejazz, Punk und Folk. Erweiterte Spieltechniken und präparierte Instrumente treffen auf Glitch-Elektronik und Folk-Melodien. ST spielt in verschiedenen Bands, komponiert und spielt Musik für Theater und macht andere Dinge. STs SoloCD “for the void”” ist erhätlich bei Umland Records


Max Wehner - Trombone, FX
Moritz Anthes - Bass, FX
Simon Camatta - Drums
ST - DIY guitar thing, FX

Handsome Couple
hiphop with banjo&drums 
with Simon Camatta

8-piece impro, drone ensemble

The Dorf
utopian beats, kraut & noise
25-piece sound collective

ST is part of Kreischfestival , an annual queer-feminist and antifascist festival for urban art in Essen

ST plays and composes music for Armada Theater, a theater and performance collectiv based in Velbert/Essen, whose pieces mainly focus on ecology and climate related themes.

some records

For The Voidsolo record; banjos, guitars, electronics; noise, folk, drone

Handsome Couple3 records of banjo & beats

Nasssauvarious records with various people playing various instruments

Ensemble PersonalGleitzeit; Compositions by Peter Eisold, played by Emily Wittbrodt, Kyu Sang Jeong, Peter Eisold and ST

This is not a Solo RecordST played some banjo on Simon Camattas solo album